Shemisli FAQ'S

Welcome to our FAQ page! We've compiled a list of common questions to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers. If you have any inquiries that aren't covered here, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team at for further assistance.

Can I Cancel my order?

At Shemisli, we're dedicated to getting your jewellery to you promptly. Orders are processed swiftly to ensure timely delivery. If you need to modify your order or cancel it, please do so within 4 hours of placing the order or before you receive the shipping confirmation email, whichever comes first.

Can I Update My Order or Shipping Address?

Ensuring efficient order processing is our priority. You have a window of 4 hours from the time of placing your order to request any modifications, including updates to shipping addresses. However, please note that for engraved jewelry orders, once engraving is completed, changes cannot be made.

To request changes within this timeframe, please reach out to us via message box or email us at After 4 hours from purchase, we won't be able to accommodate changes.

For accuracy, please cross-check your order note to ensure the provided information is correct. Your instructions at the time of order are crucial for a seamless process.

I Haven't Received My Order on Time, What's the Status?

In case your order experiences a delay beyond the expected shipping date, feel free to connect with us at We understand the importance of keeping you informed and appreciate your understanding, especially during peak seasons. Your patience is valued and your satisfaction is our priority.

Where is the best place to buy jewelry online?

The best place to buy jewelry online can depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, Shemisli stands out as one of the top online jewelry stores. It offers a wide range of jewelry in various materials, designs, and styles, making it a great choice for anyone looking for versatility and convenience. Additionally, Shemisli offers excellent prices, including cute minimal jewelry, making it a budget-friendly option as well.

Do You Offer Warranty?

Enjoy peace of mind with our 100-day warranty starting from the delivery date, covering manufacturing defects at no extra cost. Please note, our warranty doesn't include lost items, wear and tear, improper use, or third-party modifications. Contact us at for assistance.

Need repairs outside the warranty? Please message or email us, and we'll provide instructions and a quote for the repair fee and return shipping.

Are there Customs Duties and Taxes for my order?

There are no customs or duties for orders shipping within the USA or Canada.
For international orders shipping outside of the USA or Canada, customers are responsible for the customs duties and taxes incurred during shipping.

Can I order a custom piece?

Custom Design:
While we do not accommodate custom design requests at the moment, we encourage you to stay connected with us through social media or newsletter. We introduce new products on a monthly basis, ensuring you'll discover something that resonates with your taste.

Custom Sizing:
Please note that the sizes displayed on each product page are currently the only sizes available.

Custom Engraving:
For items open to engraving, we offer specific font styles as indicated on each product page. The character limits and types of characters permitted can be found on the product page. It's important to mention that we don't offer engraving services for pieces that have already been shipped. Furthermore, orders with engraving requests containing profanity or derogatory language may be subject to cancellation. Your understanding is appreciated.

Do prices ever change?

Yes, our prices can change over time due to a variety of factors that influence the jewelry industry. These factors include disruptions in the global supply chain, fluctuations in inflation rates, and changes in the costs of essential materials like gold and silver. As a result, our prices may be adjusted to reflect these market dynamics.

At Shemisli, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality products that offer both value and excellence. We closely monitor production factors to ensure that our products remain accessible without compromising on quality. Our commitment to delivering exceptional jewelry at competitive prices remains steadfast, and we always aim to offer you the best possible value for your investment.